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 Kip Weston

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Kip Weston

Kip Weston

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Character Screen
Level: 1
Health Points:
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PostSubject: Kip Weston   Kip Weston EmptyFri Dec 01 2017, 11:18

Name: Kip Weston

Age: 147

Race: Ghoul

Gender: Male

Karma: Evil

Faction: Wildcard



Strength: 4
Perception: 8
Endurance: 7
Charisma: 6
Intelligence: 7
Agility: 5
Luck: 3

Level: Level 1


-Feral Whisperer
-Experience Gainer/Resourceful

Height: 6' 3"

Weight: 225 lbs.

Body type: Tall, muscular, and toned, which is very noticeable due to the fact that parts of his flesh have rotted away.

Hair style: Sparse, straw-like tufts of hair. He surprisingly has full eyebrows.

Eyes: Piercing, hazy eyes, that are a reddish-brown color.

Skin color: Yellow-brownish skin, littered with sores, scabs, and other minor wounds that give a touch of deep red throughout. There are a few scars on his arms, chest, and legs from previous rot-wounds, and his lips are badly chapped.

Other: On his right arm, there is a patch of muscle that has rotted away from radiation and a previous injury (pre-ghoul) that reveals a 3" area of bone.

Image: Kip Weston Latest?cb=20150419165555

Psychological Description: Kip is cold, calculating, manipulative, and determined. He values strength and pragmatism above all else. The relationships he establishes with others are purely based on usefulness to him. He's unafraid of confrontation, however violent, and kills and slaughters with ease, but not senselessly. Every move and action he takes is geared toward two goals: Gaining knowledge about warfare, and projecting power and itimidation to others.

He became a ghoul while searching an abandoned military base for documents and manuscripts. During the following weeks, while his flesh rotted and his hair fell out, he entered a brief period of psychosis. Eventually bottling up his anger, he carried on about his usual business. However, wherever he went, he encountered people who feared him for his looks. This actually pleased Kip immensely. But when men are foolish enough to antagonize him, disgusted by his presence, he loses control, and in a blind fury, kills such men. Kip has an immensely strong reaction to cracks about his appearance, though does not make any attempt to hide himself from others, feeling instead, that to hide oneself in order to avoid confrontation is weakness. And he couldn't bear this weakness from himself.  

Wandering the wasteland for 120 years, Kip's taste for bloodshed en masse has become quite strong. He yearns for the ecstasy of total warfare once again. He has become desperate, yet wise in these years of solitude. In order to achieve total war, he has resolved himself to a new goal, even at the cost of his life.


  • Main Weapon: .308 Hunting Rifle
  • Secondary Weapon: Combat Knife
  • Helmet: Dirty Army Helmet
  • Mask: None
  • Goggles: None
  • Clothes: Army Fatigues (dirty, worn)
  • Armor: Padded Army Clothing
  • Backpack: Medium Sized Backpack
  • First Accessory: Flashlight
  • Second Accessory: Bolt Cutters
  • Other: Various military documents and a couple of small books

Defect of the Character: Kip is likely to commit violence against anyone who insults his appearance regardless of who it is or the consequences. He's also likely to take extreme risks to further his goal of assembling an army.  

Aspirations: To assemble an army and engage in total warfare once again.

Other details: Being raised in Ohana, he has come to detest strongly the Old World values. In Kip's opinion, the Old World values weakness and complacency. He has no desire to take part in such a society and in fact, wishes, ultimately, to destroy all societies where Old World values are cherished. He views conflict and war as the only worthwhile existence. During his travels in the Hawaiian wasteland, Kip has found many books about philosophy and politics; he's read entire histories of empires and civilization. He scoffs at and hates democracy as an ideology of the weak, and he views republics as essentially a bastardized democracy. Kip grew fond of the writings of fascism and specifically the writings of Giovanni Gentile. He came to view a totalitarian dictatorship as the only true way to value strength and power within a society, and wishes to mould his own army into a proto-fascist military society.

Background story: Kip initially joined the Ohanan army out of a sense of duty to where he grew up. He wanted a stable, safe country again just as much as anyone else. But when he experienced his first combat during the first Ohanan Invasion War, something sinister arose inside of him. He realized that he was having fun. Conflict and confrontation made him feel good, happy even. In the face of danger, as bullets and lasers shot passed his head into his brothers in arms, he laughed and smiled. Killing came naturally to him and gifted him a sensation akin to a drug high. Ruthless and fierce, he enjoyed the spoils of war and upon returning to Ohana, was anxious to leave again. Kip came to view war as the way to prosperity, for the soldiers brought riches and new technology with them when they finally returned home.

But alas, the country did not develop much to Kip's liking in the following years. With the arrival of the Great Tide and President Callhorn's plummeting popularity, and subsequent fall from power, warfare became less of a priority to the government of Ohana. Disgusted by the weakness and inefficiency of bureaucracy, Kip, like many others, abandoned his home and became a man without a country.

Over the course of the next few years, Kip spent his time wandering the wastes in search of military history and technology. This eventually led him to an abandoned military base where he unknowingly exposed himself to extremely lethal levels of radiation. After passing out on the floor, he awoke to find his skin had turned bright red and immense pain washed all over his body, inside and out. During the next two weeks, he experienced great agony as his skin rotted away, his hair fell out, and eyes burned. Kip fell in and out of psychosis from the pain his body endured, but eventually the pain ceased. After seeing himself in a mirror, a wave of mixed emotions overcame him at the sight of himself, but in due time, this too ceased. Achieving some sort of equilibrium over the next year, Kip was able to become his old self again, but noticed he sunk into a blind rage whenever someone insulted his appearance.

Much preferring his own company to others, Kip spent the next 120 years wandering the wastes mainly in solitude, reading documents and manuscripts on various subjects. But as time passed, he grew angry at his passive existence, and with no end to his life in sight, recently dedicated himself to a new cause. Kip wishes to amass an army and experience the feeling of total war once again. A cause he has resolved himself to accomplish, or die trying.
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Neutral Karma

Neutral Karma

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PostSubject: Re: Kip Weston   Kip Weston EmptyTue Dec 05 2017, 14:51

Character Accepted!

Here are the items that your character will have to start out with:

  • Main Weapon: A busted .308 Hunting Rifle that has long been in a state of disrepair. You can pass this weapon along to an experienced gunsmith in your travels to repair it to full condition, but at the price the gunsmith may offer, it will not be cheap.
  • Secondary Weapon: A Primitive Knife made out of the remains of an old world combat knife. Due to the valuable materials involved in its construction, it starts off at excellent condition.
  • Helmet: An old United States Army helmet, fit with a scratched and faded five-pointed star. It is in low condition, but can be repaired.
  • Mask: None
  • Goggles: None
  • Clothes: A set of dirty army fatigues, in average condition.
  • Armor: A padded vest, suitable defense against gunfire. It is in average condition, but won't hold up against heavy fire due to its age.
  • Backpack: A rough patched up military backpack, the kind used before the war. It was unusable when you found it, but you repaired it with the basic materials around you enough for it to be serviceable. This relic won't increase your standard inventory, but it may prove useful in the coming days.
  • Item 1: You have scavenged 8 .308 rounds for your rifle, and a single magazine filled with 13 rounds of 9mm ammunition.
  • Item 2: Nothing
  • Item 3: Nothing
  • Item 4: Nothing
  • First Accessory: Flashlight (It illuminates anything that it’s pointed at; it’s powered with a high capacity Fusion Battery.)
  • Second Accessory: Bolt Cutters (This item is useful to open closed locks or wired fences.)
  • Other: A wide array of military documents from a time long before you, detailing a vast amount of strategies in situations that occurred in real-time and how they overcame them. Your choice in literature reflects your calculating nature well, in the small books you have in your possession.

.308 Hunting Rifle Attack Dice Rolls:

Primitive Knife's Attack Dice Rolls:

Your Bonuses:
3 x 4 + 3 = 15 on all melee and unarmed attack dice rolls [STR + LCK]
4 + 2 x 8 + 3 = 23 on all ranged attack dice rolls [STR + PER + LCK]
-8 needed to score a critical hit [PER]
+14 HP with each LVL Up [END]
6 + 3 = 9 on all diplomacy and lying dice rolls [CHA + LCK]
Objects are 30 caps cheaper [CHA]
7 + 3 = 10 to all dice rolls related with working, hacking or repairing technology [INT + LCK]
7 + 3 = 10 to all dice rolls related with science and medicine [INT + LCK]
2 x 5 + 3 = 13 to all dice rolls related to dodging or doing acrobatic feats [AGL + LCK]
14 + 3 = 17 to all dice rolls related to cooking in a fireplace, hiding from creatures, taming creatures, searching for drinkable water and searching for food. [END + LCK]

Armor Bonuses:
• Protection against melee and unarmed weapons: 3 points of damage.
• Protection against ballistic weapons: 1 points of damage.
• Protection against energy weapons: 1 points of damage.
• Protection against explosives: 1 points of damage.
• Grants: +5 to all pistol or rifle weapon dice rolls.  

You will teach these fools how their fragile their peace truly is, burn it in to their skulls. They will know your truth.

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PostSubject: Re: Kip Weston   Kip Weston EmptyTue Dec 05 2017, 14:51

The member 'Neutral Karma' has done the following action : Dices roll

'1d100' : 27, 73, 21
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Neutral Karma

Neutral Karma

Posts : 57
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PostSubject: Re: Kip Weston   Kip Weston EmptyTue Dec 05 2017, 14:52

You will start off with 121 Caps. Good luck in your journeys, Kip!
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Kip Weston
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