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 'Saint', Psyker

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Character Screen
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PostSubject: 'Saint', Psyker   'Saint', Psyker EmptyMon Feb 12 2018, 23:55

Nickname: Aptly named "Saint" in Kaho'olawe for offering his healing abilities to others free of charge, he hasn't shared his true name with a soul.

Age: 18

Race: Psyker

Gender: Male

Karma: Neutral

Faction: Wildcard

Reputation: N/A


Strength: 1
Perception: 4
Endurance: 4
Charisma: 5
Intelligence: 14
Agility: 8
Luck: 6

Racial Features: +2 INT; Tag Skill: Medicine

Level: 1


  • Telekinesis (Rank 1)
    (You can move objects with your mind and body as if you were a puppeteer. On all levels you can attempt to move objects and people regardless of their size and weight but if you don’t have the required level it will affect and damage you. Rank 1 lets you move objects as heavy as 10 lbs, using your powers to move anything heavier will make you suffer 25 HP of damage, 50 HP if it exceeds 100 lbs and 75 HP if the weight exceeds 200 lbs.)

  • Biomancy (Rank 1)
    (Your touch can heal people once every 3 turns. Rank 1 allows you to cure up to 50 HP of damage.)

Height: 5'3

Weight: 112 pnds

Body type: Saint can be described as slim, with no muscle or fat on his body.

Hair style: The psyker has dyed azure hair which goes down to his neck, the few strands that have no such dye would appear to be a calm gray. He appears to take care of his hair by brushing it, but beyond that, he prefers a long hairstyle.

Eyes: His irises are colored a dark brown, a common color, and his eyes (as well as his other features) are shaped in such a way that hints at his Japanese-American heritage.

Skin color: His skin is pale white, making him look closer to a vampire of myth than your average human being.

Other: Much like others of his race, he has a variety of distinct physical cues that single him out as a Psyker, such as his pointed ears and luminous marks present around his neck and the rest of his body. Additionally, there are a few very deep, uncomfortable scars across his skin that range from feral claw marks to bites, mainly around his back, suggesting fierce encounters with wildlife that didn't go well. If one gets the chance to look closer at his arms and chest, there are jagged scars that go down from his shoulders to his wrists, his upper chest to his lower abdomen, appearing self-inflicted at first glance.

Image: N/A

Psychical Description:
The young man who calls himself 'Saint' is on a path of self-discovery to uncover the limits of his supernatural abilities, and to use it wisely towards his own goals. After witnessing what happened to his father (and as a result of that tragic event, his mother), he was determined to make something of himself and to be remembered in the Wasteland. Saint is predisposed to such notions as honor, integrity, and ethics, but does not fully subscribe to them as others may.

When he is not appearing aloof and distant, he is sympathetic and often privy to his own emotions, tempered by common sense. Few are the Psykers who stay on this path in their journey, as most who explore the depths of their unnatural mental evolution either find themselves stricken with madness, or outright killed by the very power they believed they had control over.


  • Main Weapon: A jury-rigged laser pistol constructed by Saint when he was younger. It is in top condition for its class, inscribed with supernatural runes that change in form and color on their own accord.
    (+5 to all Psyker power dice rolls)
  • Secondary Weapon: N/A
  • Helmet: N/A
  • Mask: N/A
  • Goggles: N/A
  • Clothes: Comfortable khaki robes that are well-taken care of by their owner, the hood is often used to hide the face of its user. There is a wide selection of animal bone charms and different homemade jewelry tied around the robes in a ritualistic manner, reflecting the practices of its wearer.
    (This armor set has no resistance to firearms, energy weapons, or anything in particular. Counts as Shaman Armor. Grants +5 to all Psyker power dice rolls, and thanks to a personal modification, +15 to all Dodge and Sneak rolls.)
  • Backpack: A functioning backpack, sewn together from the hides of mutant creatures of various sources. It offers no special advantages.
  • First Accessory: Compass
    (Very useful among navigators, merchants and pirates alike. It always points north and is a must have when navigating with maps.)
  • Second Accessory: Basic Reparation Kit
    (This small leather bag has inside a small set of tools, useful to repair easy things. It grants to whoever wields it +10 to all Repair related dice rolls.)
  • Other: He carries with him a carving knife unfit for combat, and an incomplete sewing kit.

Defect of the Character:
As a combination of his abuse, and his isolation, he's a perpetual outsider. Compounding off of the normal animosity people have against Psykers, he doesn't even have the benefit of understanding cultural and regional norms. While he's good natured and well meaning, he's socially crippled by his past.

Acquire complete and utter mastery over his Psyker abilities.

Other details:

  • Gathered a vested belief in the supernatural in his youth, encouraged by his late father, as he found no other explanation for his abilities.
  • He is wary of his fellow Psykers, as he knows with absolute certainty how powerful they can be.
  • He desires to get in contact with the tribes in the High Evolutionary's long shadow, such as the Beastmasters, whose Psykers Saint speculates has significant control over floramancy.
  • Saint always wanted to meet Rainbow Jack.

Background story:
In a better world, his father would have been alive to keep his family together in a time of crisis. The young man who goes by the alias 'Saint' was raised by his father and mother. In his cloistered youth, Saint had no interactions with any of the nearby tribes or the High Evolutionary themselves, as their existence was kept secret thanks to his father's mastery over faunamancy and local flora. Creatures steered away from their home, his father gently guiding him in the usage of his son's powers. Through the eyes of a child, this existence was idyllic, and his innocence hid away the hardships the family had faced.

The day his father lost control of his powers burned itself in the child's brain, as the boy was with him at the time. The task was like any other for the Psyker, as the father was testing the young Saint to see if he had any control over plants like he did when he was his age. In a shocking turn of events, a simple demonstration to show his child what to do with nearby flora caused him to collapse, prompting Saint to drag him back home to try and get help. If they had done an autopsy, they would have found he suffered a brain aneurysm and died a short period after he collapsed. This was never discovered by the young man.

The following years were tumultuous for his mother, who blamed him for the death of his father. They had to flee their family home, and in so doing, nearly had gotten them enslaved and under someone elses thumb. Any issue that came up with caps in this time, his mother was forced to pay up, until finally, they had acquired a home they could call their own. They situated themselves at Fallen Horizon thanks to a kind benefactor whose identity was left unknown to Saint, and would have begun to live a life in the city had his mother not become an alcoholic.

Saint was kept away from the public, and used according to her whims, which ranged from sexual to physical abuse while she was intoxicated. Whenever he did go out in public, he was mocked and ridiculed, recognized as a Psyker wherever he went. That was two years ago, where his last memory of his mother was of her digging glass in to his skin. Now, he is free from that life, having set himself up at Kaho'olawe and living off of the kindness given to him by the locals for his innate healing powers.

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Good Karma
Good Karma

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PostSubject: Re: 'Saint', Psyker   'Saint', Psyker EmptyMon Feb 19 2018, 18:52

Accepted! I will roll for caps.
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PostSubject: Re: 'Saint', Psyker   'Saint', Psyker EmptyMon Feb 19 2018, 18:52

The member 'Good Karma' has done the following action : Dice Roll

'1d100' : 50, 8, 21
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'Saint', Psyker Empty
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'Saint', Psyker
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