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 K8-43, "Kain"

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Character Screen
Level: 2
Health Points:
K8-43, "Kain" 1J4tKN4128/128K8-43, "Kain" Empty_bar_bleue  (128/128)
K8-43, "Kain" Left_bar_bleue310/500K8-43, "Kain" Empty_bar_bleue  (310/500)

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PostSubject: K8-43, "Kain"   K8-43, "Kain" EmptyFri Jan 26 2018, 21:30

Name: K8-43, "Kain"

Year of Construction: 2274

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Karma: Good

Faction: Deviants

Reputation: N/A


Strength: 4

Perception: 10

Endurance: 4

Charisma: 3

Intelligence: 6

Agility: 5

Luck: 10

Racial Features: +2 PER; Tag Skill: Survival

Level: 1


  • Eye for an Eye
    (Your survival instinct is par to none. When your health is 20% or below you do double damage on your attacks and get a +15 to all your dice rolls.)

  • Rex Est Luscus
    (You have one good eye that no matter what can never be totally destroyed. Being blind is impossible for you.)

Height: 5'11

Weight: 176 lbs

Body type: He can be described as having a fair amount of muscle, befitting an experienced wastelander of his profile. He doesn't have any significant amount of weight on him, appearing to be in peak condition. No mutations evident in his physical attributes.

Hair style: Matted unkempt black hair that goes down to his neck, looking like it hasn't been properly cleaned or brushed in quite a long time. Not attractive to anyone who has standards, he has a shaved stubble that clings to his face, adding a hint of maturity.

Eyes: The primary color of his irises is a cool brown, with an uncommon gold striking inwards towards the pupil from the outer part of his irises.

Skin color: K8-43 appears to be an average Caucasian male in his twenties, a thin layer of dirt on his skin due to his prospecting work. Living amongst the deviants of society means that a lot of the luxuries in the cities are unavailable to him.

Other: N/A

Image: N/A

Psychical Description: K8-43 has the irrational fear of being hunted and wiped by an Institute Courser, regardless of what rumors he has heard by word of mouth about the Commonwealth. This affects his every action and word, keeping personal information as to who he is and where he came from silent as the cries you never hear in the desolate wastelands of post-war America. Few earn his trust, much less his respect.

The android has a stoic personality when it comes to the pleasure of human conversation, preferring instead to talk business or make short-term partnerships that would get them both rich. In his work, he considers his reputation as a prospector as extremely important, and thus, wouldn't dare give an unfair deal.

Staying away from 'normal' society like Fallen Horizon and the cities under the purview of the Ohana government became the norm for him, and while adjusting to advanced society wouldn't be difficult, he appears to prefer the company of the poor in comparison to the rich and lucky. If he finds a companion in his travels that he respects and is comfortable around, he will share his views. Rarely does he follow traditions or others mindlessly, preferring to act on his own moral compass and common sense, challenging the rigid views of cult personalities and authorities alike.


  • Main Weapon: .223 Rangemaster Hunting Rifle
  • Secondary Weapon: Primitive Knife
  • Helmet: N/A
  • Mask: N/A
  • Goggles: N/A
  • Clothes: Underneath his prospecting gear, he has pitiful clothing that looks to have been patched up by amateurs in the far past. From his bloodstained T-Shirt down to his damaged brown jeans, it is in terrible condition. Any open holes in his clothing that would reveal skin, instead reveal makeshift bandages made out of old rags, hinting at his scrappy nature.
  • Armor: A set of prospecting gear that is well-maintained, unlike his clothes. Designed with exploring the ruins of Post-Apocalyptic America in mind, this set of scavenging gear offers minimal protection, but grants a great deal of mobility in return.
    (+5 to all attack dice rolls. )
  • Backpack: A rough-and-tumble backpack commonly seen on travelers, it offers no special benefits.
  • First Accessory: Grappling Hook
    (The Grappling Hook is an artifact that can shoot a projectile, capable of perforating rock and metal that is linked with a chain. This chain can be then tensed and retracted, allowing people to reach places that are out of their reach. It can also be used to disarm or pull people towards its user.)
  • Second Accessory: Scanner
    (The Scanner is an item that will allow you to see across solid surfaces and discover what hides behind them. It also has a small port in which you can insert a small substance or material to search for it in your surroundings.)
  • Other:

Defects of the Character: K8-43 tends to not trust anyone with a ten foot pole when it comes to his personal safety, much less his own emotions and plans. As a result of his paranoia and outer nature, he has made precious few friends in his life due to his crippling silence. He can still talk business and keep up basic conversation, but anything more complicated will require his complicit trust, leaving something to be desired even from his employers.

  • K8-43 refuses to take any kind of narcotics that are commonly used by junkies, such as Jet and Psycho, for fear that he will acquire an addiction.

Aspirations: K8-43 wishes to make a positive impact on the societies of Hawaii, to show them another path that isn't rampant foolish violence on a scale that destroys humanity. Whether this is through being idealized by the community for his actions, or seen as a martyr for the right cause, he does not care.

Other details:

  • Having witnessed first-hand how the Enclave hunts down small communities of mutants and psykers without a care for those who are caught in the middle of their petty witch hunts, he dislikes the faction for how xenophobic and cruel they can be.
  • K8-43 adores Fancy Lad Snack Cakes, an unusual treat that the android finds himself craving from time to time.
  • Particularly enjoys collecting model robot construction kits and building them himself.
  • Unlike other inhabitants of the island, he doesn't want to live in Barren Yard. Instead, he merely desires to visit the backyard of the High Evolutionary. He wishes to analyze the way they operate their society and make a personal judgement on their beliefs in action.

Background story:

Not born, not desired, merely made in the image of his creators. The insatiable yearning for the outside world that K8-43 felt inside the white sterilized walls of the Institute was not tolerated for those of his kind, and Coursers kept a tight leash on their charges. Any emotion that wasn't typical of a Generation 3 synthetic was squashed in a mind-wipe, so too with their personality, their memories.

K8-43 was no different than his kind when it came to who suffered the watchful eye of the Coursers, and keeping a facade was necessary if he did not want to lose what made him an individual. He was unique from his peers in a couple of ways, in the sense that he was the brainchild of a small group of scientists who had gotten permission from the Director to test the pressure of human needs on the average synthetics psyche. As his creators required sustenance, so too did he. So too, was he later inflicted by his creators weaknesses.

He became a subject of jealousy amongst his peers for these modifications. More human than they are, they had whispered behind his back, caring not for whether he could hear them. In this sense, he had not had someone to truly trust, not even those in the same situation as him. K8-43 had his chance at escaping the Institute after a few years thanks to the assistance of Liam Binet, and was teleported to the surface.

Freedom was not as he imagined it to be. There were no grand fields of green as far as the eyes could see, no beautiful world he desired to find himself in at the other side. The cold wind of the wasteland was the only answer he had gotten, his pure white outfit stained with dirt as the seconds turned to minutes, and the minutes turned to hours. He was found by a Railroad operative before he met any inhabitants of the vast Commonwealth, and any life-threatening creatures who may have attacked him on sight.

Carefully smuggled to a safe haven, he was introduced to literature from various prolific authors in history per his request, filled in as to why the world was so destroyed and desolate, and his situation was explained to him in full detail. K8-43 remembers those words they had told him as clear as the day he first heard them.

"You will be hunted, and this world does nobody any favors."

They went over his options to ensure he has a life, a background, so he could truly live in the Wasteland like everybody else. The Railroad proposed a mind-wipe, with implanted memories that weren't real to maintain his secrecy as to what he is, and where he came from. K8-43 refused on the principle that he wouldn't be the same person as he was before, that that person wouldn't be him without his memories. Respecting his decision, the Railroad worked out a plan that would get him outside the Commonwealth and away from the Coursers, and those who would strike out in fear.

In a lucky break for those that smuggled him, everything went off without a hitch and he parted ways with the Railroad. In the three years that followed, he found his way to the old-world tourist attraction that was Hawaii, becoming a prospector. He kept a sharp eye on the events that unfolded before the island as the decades flew by, throwing away his designation and calling himself Kain. He lives amongst the poor and destitute, those wretched fools who are forced to move away from society either in fear of their condition as a mutant, or for other tragic reasons.
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Posts : 14
Join date : 2018-01-26

Character Screen
Level: 2
Health Points:
K8-43, "Kain" 1J4tKN4128/128K8-43, "Kain" Empty_bar_bleue  (128/128)
K8-43, "Kain" Left_bar_bleue310/500K8-43, "Kain" Empty_bar_bleue  (310/500)

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PostSubject: Re: K8-43, "Kain"   K8-43, "Kain" EmptyFri Mar 02 2018, 07:08

Level 1 -> Level 2

3 Skill Points in Guns
4 Skill Points in Lockpick
3 Skill Points in Explosives
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K8-43, "Kain" Empty
PostSubject: Re: K8-43, "Kain"   K8-43, "Kain" EmptySat Mar 03 2018, 11:12

Character updated.
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K8-43, "Kain" Empty
PostSubject: Re: K8-43, "Kain"   K8-43, "Kain" Empty

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K8-43, "Kain"
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