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 Mascot head

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PostSubject: Mascot head   Mascot head EmptyThu Dec 07 2017, 15:15

This rubbery tiger head is bloodstained and reeks of sweat and vodka. You don't know its origins but some people mentioned that some people liked to wear these masks and kill russian commies or used them to meet up with other people who were also into dressing up like animals, even that Pre-War sports teams had mascots, not like animal pets but neither slaves... the old world never made much sense. Whatever the true reason was the mask has now found a new use after the war, hiding the face of people who want to commit crimes or are too mutated and hideous to be seen by society.

Mascot head Mascot10

  • Protection against melee and unarmed weapons: 1 points of damage.

  • Protection against ballistic weapons: Nothing.

  • Protection against energy weapons: Nothing.

  • Protection against explosives: Nothing.

  • Grants: Nothing.

Value: 150 Caps.
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Mascot head
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