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 Wallace Opper

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Wallace "Wally" Opper


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Character Screen
Level: 1
Health Points:
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PostSubject: Wallace Opper   Wallace Opper EmptyWed Nov 29 2017, 14:51

Name: Wallace Opper, goes by "Wally"

Age: 23

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Karma: Lawful Evil

Faction: Pirates/Raiders, normally refers to himself as a pirate.



Strength: 5
Perception: 4
Endurance: 4
Charisma: 10
Intelligence: 5
Agility: 7
Luck: 5

Level: 1

Perks: Cabin Boy, Agile

Height:5' 10''

Weight: 186 lbs.

Body type: Opper posses a very slim build, with an elongated chest and long legs.

Hair style: He keeps his hair cut fairly short, parted to the right. This is mainly to help combat hair-borne parasites and disease, but he has grown to like the style over the years. The hair is dark and thick, meaning he must cut it frequently in order to keep his current styling.

Eyes: Like his hair, his eyes are dark, nearly black. Due to near constant use of goggles or glasses to prevent water getting in his eyes, a pale ring is beginning to show around the perimeter of his eyes.

Skin color: If he had been living a cushy life in Ohana, Opper might have had a starkly white complexion. However, years of sailing and pirating has left his skin darkened and is now comparable to that of a native islander.

Other: His body is largely unscathed, with two notable exceptions being a gash on his left leg from a bullet grazing and scarring on his left forearm from a short spout of repeated Med-X use.

Image: Here
Psychical Description: Opper, while he does enjoy the free-booting and gallivanting lifestyle of the raiders and pirates, wishes to do everything he can to repent his sins and settle down with the rest of civilized society. In conversation, he is also quite tight-lipped when it comes to his line of work.


  • Main Weapon: 9mm SMG
  • Secondary Weapon: Machete
  • Helmet: Newsboy cap
  • Mask: Red bandana
  • Goggles: Wraparound goggles
  • Clothes: Customized Raider rags (this, minus the hat portion)
  • Armor: Leather pads,
  • Backpack: Small messenger bag, presumably stolen from a dead Kanaloan.
  • First Accessory: Pre-war compass, still points north okay.
  • Second Accessory: Water canteen, quite tattered at this point.
  • Other: N/A

Defect of the Character: Opper recently received treatment for, and recovered from, an addiction to Med-X. Use of painkillers and other narcotics is common among raiders and not using them makes him look weak to other raiders. That is of course, beyond the obvious implications of addiction and the potential to relapse.

Aspirations: Leave the twisted society of raiders and settle down in a small village, preferably in Ohana, but anywhere that isn't being infested with criminals will do fine.

Other details: Opper is quite hostile towards ghouls.

Background story: Wallace Opper was born to a small family in the slums of Ohana. His parents were both working for most of his early life, rebuilding the war-torn provinces and restoring them to their condition before the skirmishes with the mutants. In his parent's absence, he was watched by his senile grandfather: A former swindler and now a lighthearted drunk. As Wally grew older, his grandfather was quick to let him explore his surroundings, in which he was pomptly kidnapped and sold as a slave to a travelling band of merchants.

He lived with the merchants as a manservant well into his teen-aged years, socializing with all manner of person, from Ohanan senator to reformed cannibal. At the age of 15, the merchant's company was put out of business by the Sons of Kanaloa. The leader of the merchant cabal started selling off his former company's assets, including Opper. During his impromptu trip to an underground auction house, the slavers were engaged by a group of sheriffs. Grabbing a knife off of a dead slaver, he and handful of other slaves ran off into the forest.

Desperate to find a way out of the radioactive wilderness, he stumbled into the pit of Old World Mourn. Holing up in a small alcove in the wreckage, he stayed in Mourn for the night. In the morning, he searched for a group of scavengers scouring the site for scrap. He instead found a small gang of raiders, looting the bodies of a dead caravan. He approached the raiders, mistaking them for scavs. Before he could get within a few meters of the group, a small burst of bullets landed to his left, one leaving a large gash in his leg. The rifleman cheered, running over to assess his prey. Feigning death, Opper waited until the raider got close, before thrusting his knife into the man's chest. As the other raiders gathered around the scene and realized what had happened, they immediately welcomed him into their band.

From there, Opper was launched into the twisted world of raider life. He took quickly to the assignments he was given by the de-facto leader of the gang, murdering and thieving. Before long, he had carved out his own little piece of raider territory in the borderlands of Ohana. With a very limited amount of law enforcement in the vicinity, he felt safe enough to assemble a small camp on the coast. Near enough to his former comrades and his future victims, it was a perfect spot to assemble an operating base. There is where he will depart for his next major exploit.
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Character Screen
Level: 1
Health Points:
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PostSubject: Re: Wallace Opper   Wallace Opper EmptyWed Nov 29 2017, 15:21

Looks good to me, no editing suggestions
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PostSubject: Re: Wallace Opper   Wallace Opper EmptySun Dec 03 2017, 01:41

Character Accepted!

Here are the items that your character will have to start out with:

  • Main Weapon: 9mm SMG. It'll last a few firefights, but it should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.
  • Secondary Weapon: None
  • Helmet: Newsboy cap.
  • Mask: Red Bandana.
  • Goggles: A pair of flight goggles, well worn.
  • Clothes: Grey raider rags that cover a good part of the body. Somewhat dirty and sticky due to grime, saltwater and dried blood.
  • Armor: Pirate armor.
  • Backpack: Small leather backpack.
  • Item 1: Three 9mm magazines.
  • Item 2: Nothing
  • First Accessory: Working Compass.
  • Second Accessory: Water canteen.
  • Other: Nothing

9mm Submachine Gun Dice Rolls Table:

Your Bonuses:
20 on all melee and unarmed attack dice rolls [STR + LCK]
18 on all ranged attack dice rolls [PER + LCK + STR]
-4 needed to score a critical hit [PER]
+8 HP with each LVL Up [END]
15 on all diplomacy and lying dice rolls [CHA + LCK]
Objects are 50 caps cheaper [CHA]
10 to all dice rolls related with working, hacking or repairing technology [INT + LCK]
10 to all dice rolls related with science and medicine [INT + LCK]
15 to all dice rolls related to dodging or doing acrobatic feats
10 to all dice rolls related to commandeering a ship
10 to all dice rolls related to avoiding attacks.

Armor Bonuses:
+5 to all dice rolls.

I'll also do the 1d100 dice roll to see your starting caps.
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PostSubject: Re: Wallace Opper   Wallace Opper EmptySun Dec 03 2017, 01:41

The member 'Overseer' has done the following action : Dices roll

'1d100' : 64
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PostSubject: Re: Wallace Opper   Wallace Opper Empty

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Wallace Opper
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