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PostSubject: Conditions   Conditions EmptyFri Oct 06 2017, 01:17

Conditions are situations that can happen to your character, all of these conditions are negative to a bigger or smaller degree and most of these happen after suffering damage.

  • Concussion: -4 PER, -2 INT.

  • Completely Bandaged: Your character has used way too many first aid kits and now it cannot use any more.

  • Missing Eye: -3 PER.

  • Blind: -5 PER.

  • Broken Fingers: Unable to use weapons or items.

  • 1 Crippled Arm: -35 to all attack dice rolls. Unable to grab heavy weapons.

  • 2 Crippled Arms: -70 to all attack dice rolls. Unable to grab any item or weapon.

  • Punctured Lung: - 5 END. You will now need to rest every few turns or else you will start to drown in your own blood and then faint, the number of turns that you can last before requiring to rest for 2 entire turns is your END.

  • 1 Crippled Leg: Unable to run.

  • 2 Crippled Legs: Unable to move, at all.

  • Dark Craving: After feeding on way too many corpses your character has become a complete cannibal. Feeding on normal food will no longer heal nor satiate you. You require feeding on corpses or searching for a doctor that can heal your cravings.

  • Minor Dehydration: -1 END.

  • Advanced Dehydration: -2 END -1 PER.

  • Critical Dehydration: - 3 END -2 PER -1 INT.

  • Deadly Dehydration: -3 END -2 PER -2 INT -1 AGI.

  • Fatal Dehydration: Death.

  • Minor Starvation: -1 STR.

  • Advanced Starvation: -2 STR -1 CHA.

  • Critical Starvation: - 3 STR -2 CHA -1 PER.

  • Deadly Starvation: -3 STR -2 CHA -2 PER -1 AGI.

  • Fatal Starvation: Death.

  • Minor Sleep Deprivation: -1 AGI.

  • Advanced Sleep Deprivation: -2 AGI -1 INT.

  • Critical Sleep Deprivation: - 3 AGI -2 INT -1 END.

  • Deadly Sleep Deprivation: -3 AGI -2 INT -2 END -1 STR.

  • Fatal Sleep Deprivation: Death.

  • Overencumbered: Cannot run, if coupled with crippled legs you lose 50 HP each turn, 100 HP if both legs are crippled.

  • Frenzy: You cannot distinguish between enemy and ally.

  • Overdosed: Your character suffers a random amount of damage. The amount of chems that you can take before overdosing depends on your Endurance, 1 dose of chem for each point of Endurance. Characters with 1 Point of END will Overdose after taking 2 doses of chems and so on. To calculate the damage you take you need to roll a 1d100 for each chem you have taken after surpassing your limit.

  • Poisoned: You suffer damage as long as the poison is in your system. The poison will take 10 turns to be expelled. With each point of END the poison will be one turn less. With 1 END the poison will be for 9 turns, with 10 END you are immune to poison.

  • Minor Radiation Poisoning: -1 END.

  • Advanced Radiation Poisoning: -2 END -1 AGL.

  • Critical Radiation Poisoning: - 3 END -2 AGL -1 STR.

  • Deadly Radiation Poisoning: -3 END -2 AGL -2 STR -1 PER.

  • Fatal Radiation Poisoning: Death, or becoming a ghoul. In case of Ghouls they become feral.

  • Minor Insanity: You start to hear soft whispers at some times.

  • Advanced Insanity: The whispers are now clear voices, speaking when you are alone.

  • Critical Insanity:The voices constantly speak to you; you have started to see people and objects that aren’t real.

  • Deadly Insanity: The voices are now constantly screaming with an inhuman and demonic voice, all the people that you see regardless of if they are real or not now look monstrous and menacing.

  • Fatal Insanity: You have lost all grasp on reality. Unable to differentiate between what’s real and what isn’t you end a husk of your former shelf; curled on the floor, babbling nonsense, crying softly and shaking uncontrollably. Your character cannot continue working; you need to make a new one.
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