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 Timeline: Present and Future

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PostSubject: Timeline: Present and Future   Timeline: Present and Future EmptyWed Oct 04 2017, 13:08

10/23/2327: 250 Years after the Great War. The beginning of Fallout: Nukaloha.

10/23/2327: Ohana is still under the fascist control of the Enclave and at war with the Brotherhood of Steel.

10/23/2327: The PMV Valdez continues to be stranded at sea.

10/23/2327: More and more Radios start catching distress signals in Russian, English and Chinese that come from the Moon.

10/23/2327: The Lighthouse and Hi'iaka Systems are still impossible to enter or get close to.

10/23/2327: The High Evolutionary follows their plans; they continue increasing their numbers and are slowly recovering from the War with Ohana.

10/23/2327: The Sons of Kanaloa continue with a monopoly over the use of drones and vehicles, becoming more and more powerful every day.

The following important events that happen on this forum will be listed here, if a character also gains legendary status and reaches level 100 its birth will also be listed on the timeline along with a description of its deeds.
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PostSubject: Re: Timeline: Present and Future   Timeline: Present and Future EmptyWed Nov 29 2017, 16:45

This thread has been proofread and edited.
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Timeline: Present and Future
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