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 Welding Helmet

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PostSubject: Welding Helmet   Welding Helmet EmptyTue Nov 14 2017, 23:55

The Welding Helmet is a metallic mask that has a special cover for the eyes and as the name implies is used to weld different metals and protect eyes from bright lights or intense heat. It is heavily used by the Broken Volts, the Sons of Kanaloa, the Brotherhood of Steel and the Enclave, albeit due to its civilian and industrial nature it can be found in many places.

Welding Helmet Latest?cb=20151208174105

Protection against melee and unarmed weapons: 1 points of damage.
• Protection against ballistic weapons: 2 points of damage.
• Protection against energy weapons: 3 points of damage.
• Protection against explosives: Nothing.
• Grants: +5 to repair and engineering dice rolls.  
• Value: 125 Caps.
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Welding Helmet
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