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The Nukaloha is a dangerous cocktail made from Nuka-Cola and a random mixture of highly alcoholic beverages and chems. Just whatever the bartender has around.

The original recipe was lost to the war and some people think that it might even have been something as simple as Rum and Coke but nobody knows for sure.

It is usually given on Geeki Tikis and light on with a cigarette before being served. After being light on due to the mixture of chems and alcohol the drink will burn and create flames of different colors and intensities. All of these drinks will be unique in its own way and every bartender likes to add its own unique touch, be it marine salt to something nastier like Mr.Gutsy fuel or even Rat droppings.

Drinking it will give you a random set of bonuses, but also a hell of a hangover. It isn't uncommon to drink it and then wake up with no memories of what happened in a completely strange location.

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The Nukaloha
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