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 Information about the Toxic Swamplands

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Information about the Toxic Swamplands Empty
PostSubject: Information about the Toxic Swamplands   Information about the Toxic Swamplands EmptyWed Oct 25 2017, 01:13

  • Population: Approximately 200 persons.
  • Accepted Races: All of them.
  • Present Factions: Enclave, Ohana and Deviants.
  • Actual Leader: Regional leader appointed by the Enclave.
  • Threat Level: LOW-MEDIUM.
  • Dangers: Tar Pits, Animal Traps, Drowning, Pockets of Swamp Gas, Radiation.
  • Creatures found here: Feral Ghouls, Bloatflies, Radroaches, Mirelurks, Radtoads, Bloodbugs.
  • Resources present here:Natural Gas, Wood, Glowing plants, Dirty Water, Fertiliser, Bait, Fertile Soil.
  • Primary activities: Fishing, Natural Gas collecting, Hunting, Scavenging.
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Information about the Toxic Swamplands
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